Paradores Spain Castilla La Mancha including Alarcon, Almagro, Albacete, Cuenca, Manzanares, Oropesa, Chinchon and Toledo Paradors in the Castilla - La Mancha Region of Spain

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Alarcon Almagro Albacete Cuenca Manzanares
Oropesa Chinchon Siguenza Toledo Alcala de Henares

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Paradors of La Mancha Castille Parador de Siguenza Parador Alcala de Henares Parador de Oropesa Parador de Chinchon Parador de Toledo Parador de Cuenca Parador de Alarcon Parador de Albacete Parador de Almagro Parador de Manzanares
The Spanish Paradores are luxury hotels in Castles, Palaces, Fortresses, Convents, Monasteries and other historic buildings.
They stretch from Galicia in the North West through Catalunya to Andalucia in the south of Spain.
They are in the Canary Islands and the Spanish cities in North Africa.

Parador accommodation
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Parador de Alarcon
This perfectly preserved 8th Century Arab Castle is now a four star hotel.
The 8th Century medieval castle is perfectly preserved and will take you back in time to the middle ages. 
Parador of Alarcon - Castilla - La Mancha
Parador de Almagro
Formerly a 16th Century Franciscan Convent. The Convent of San Francisco was built by the Davila de la Cueva family in 1596 and is now a four star Parador. 
Parador of Almagro - Spain - Castilla La Mancha
Parador de Albacete
A former Country Manor House located on the plains of La Mancha.
This four star Parador provides the ideal setting for open-air activities and is a haven for those who enjoy a peaceful, relaxing vacation. 
Parador de Albacete - Castilla La Mancha
Parador de Chinchon
Luxury four star hotel using the renovated buildings of a seventeenth century Augustinian convent.
Parador de Chinchon - Castilla La Mancha
Parador de Cuenca
Luxury four star hotel in a sixteenth century convent overlooking the gorge and the town.
Parador de Cuenca - Castilla - La Mancha
Parador de Manzanares
La Mancha style country house now converted into a three star hotel.
Parador de Manzanares - Castilla La Mancha
Parador de Oropesa
Luxury four star hotel in a fourteenth century castle which was later converted into a palace.
Parador de Oropesa - Castilla La Mancha - Spain
Parador de Siguenza
Luxury four star hotel in a modernised twelfth century castle. The original castle was built in the fifth century and strengthened by the Moors in 712.
Parador de Siguenza - Castilla La Mancha
Parador de Toledo
Manor house converted into a four star luxury hotel with views over Toledo. Sitting on the top of Cerro del Emperador (The Emperor's Hill), this Parador has an excellent view over the city.
Parador de Toledo - Castilla La Mancha - Spain
Parador de Alcala de Henares
The Parador of Alcala de Henares occupies a magnificent 17th century building, the ancient Dominican Collegiate-Convent of Santo Tomas de Aquino. This 4 star Parador hotel at 26 kms from Madrid.
Parador de Alcala de Henares - Castilla La Mancha - Spain
Alcala de Henares