Paradores Spain Galicia including Santiago, Bayona for Vigo Pontevedra  and Santo Estevo near Ourense Paradors in the Galicia Region of Spain

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Santiago de Compostela Bayona or Baiona Pontevedra
Tui or Tuy Ferrol Ribadeo Verin
Vilalba Monforte de Lemos Santo Estevo Cambados

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Parador de Ribadeo Parador de Ferrol Parador de Villalba Parador de Santiago de Compostela Parador de Monforte de Lemos Parador de Santo Estevo Parador de Cambados Parador de Pontevedra Parador de Baiona Parador de Tui Parador de Verin
The Spanish Paradores are luxury hotels in Castles, Palaces, Fortresses, Convents, Monasteries and other historic buildings.
They stretch from Galicia in the North West through Catalunya to Andalucia in the south of Spain.
They are in the Canary Islands and the Spanish cities in North Africa.

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Parador de Baiona (Bayona)
This Parador has wonderful views over the Bay of Vigo. It is inside the old fort built to defend the harbour. It is a short walk to the busy holiday town through the gardens.
Parador of Bayona or Baiona on the Ria de Vigo
Baiona or Bayona
Parador de Ferrol
This town centre hotel was formerly a manor house and looks over the port and Ria of Ferrol. The marine theme is continued in the decor of this three star hotel.
Parador of Ferrol near La Coruna or Corruna
Parador de Monforte de Lemos
A recent conversion of a 9th century monastery and a palace into a beautiful four star hotel retaining many of the original features. The Parador overlooks the town.
Parador de Monforte de Lemos
Monforte de Lemos
Parador de Santo Estevo
Four star hotel in a converted Benedictine Monastery near Ourense. There are views down to the river on which there are cruises in summer.
Parador de Santo Estevo near Ourense
Parador de Pontevedra
A sixteenth century palace in the historical area of Pontevedra, now converted into a four star hotel.
Parador de Pontevedra
Parador de Ribadeo
Large manor house converted into a four star hotel with views over the estuary. On the northern coast of Galicia near to the border with Asturias.
Parador de Ribadeo
Parador de Cambados
Four star hotel in a seventeenth century manor house overlooking the Ria de Arousa on the west coast of Galicia.
Parador de Cambados on the north coast of Galicia
Parador de Santiago da Compostela
Five star deluxe hotel next to the famous Santiago de Compostela cathedral. Probably the oldest hotel in the world.
Parador de Santiago da Compostela
Santiago de Compostela
Parador de Tui
A typical manor house of Galicia now converted into a four star hotel. Near the river, the town and cathedral. convenient for motorways to Vigo, Santiago and Portugal.
Parador de Tui or Tuy an the Mino or Minho river with motor way to Vigo and Portugal
Parador de Verin
Opposite the Monterrei fortress, this Parador has panoramic views of Verin with a background of the vineyards. On route from Galicia to Madrid.
Parador de Verin in central Galicia or Galiza
Parador de Vilalba
A four star hotel incorporating a fifteenth century defensive tower which dominates this Galician town.
Parador de Vilalba Galicia or Galizia

Galicia is in the north west of Spain facing the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay.

It is an area of small green fields, mountains and long sea inlets known as the Rias.

Vigo and La Coruna are important commercial ports with many hotels.

The sailing harbour of Baiona (Bayona) is a tourist resort with a popular Parador and hotels at the mouth of the Vigo Ria.

Santiago de Compostela was the third most visited pilgrimage city in the middle ages after Jerusalem and Rome. The Parador at Santiago is also known as Hostal dos Reis Catolicos and is in the same square as the cathedral.

Pontevedra is an important town in the administration of the Galicia region of Spain and the Parador of Pontevedra in the old town is now a four star hotel.

Lugo, Ourense and Verin are other main towns in Galicia with one hotel in Verin being a Parador.

Fishing is an important industry and the coast line has many fishing villages with Ribadeo, Ferrol and Cambados also having Paradors in nearby important houses with the facilities of high class hotels.

The River Mino (Minho) in the south is also the border with Portugal. There is a Parador by the river in the old cathedral city of Tui (Tuy). Further into the mountains near Ourense is the old monastery of Santo Estevo, overlooking a tributary of the river, which has been recently converted into a hotel by the Parador Group. The hotel is closed in winter.

Gallego, the old language of the region, is still used and this results in many places having alternative names and spellings.