Paradores Spain Leon Castilla including Leon, Avila, Tordesillas, Segovia, Zamora Paradors in the Castille-Leon Region of Spain

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Avila Benavente Villafranca del
Cervera de Pisuerga Ciudad Rodrigo Gredos Leon
Lerma Puebla de Sanabria Salamanca Segovia Granja Soria Tordesillas Zamora

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Parador Ciudad Rodrigo Parador de Gredos Parador de Avila Parador de Salamanca Parador de Zamora Parador de Tordesillas Parador de Segovia Parador de Soria Parador de Lerma Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga Parador de Benavente Parador de Puebla de Sanabria Parador de Leon Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo Parador de La Granja
The Spanish Paradores are luxury hotels in Castles, Palaces, Fortresses, Convents, Monasteries and other historic buildings.
They stretch from Galicia in the North West through Catalunya to Andalucia in the south of Spain.
They are in the Canary Islands and the Spanish cities in North Africa.

Parador accommodation
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Name Thumbnail Place Beds
Parador de Avila
Luxury four star hotel on a sixteenth century palace site within the walls of Avila. This Parador has been the site of the former "Piedras Albas" palace in Avila and backs onto the city walls.
Parador of Avila - Castile Leon - Spain
Parador de Benavente
Luxury four star hotel in a restored twelfth century castle. The Parador hotel has been built on the site of the castle built by King Fernando II of Leon.
Parador de Benavente - Leon region  - Spain
Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo
A three star hotel in a vine covered country house. The town was an important stop over on the pilgrim Way to Santiago.
Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo - Leon - Spain
Villafranca del Bierzo
Parador de La Granja
A former Royal house, converted to a superb four star Parador hotel, just 55 minutes away from Madrid
Parador de Benavente - Leon region  - Spain
La Granja de San Ildefonso
Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga
A three star hotel looking down onto the waters of the Ruesga reservoir. Built in the style of a five story hunting lodge, this Parador is in the foothills of the Picos de Europa.
Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga - Leon region - Spain
Cervera de Pisuerga
Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo
Luxury four star hotel in a fourteenth century ivy covered castle.
Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo - Leon - Spain
Ciudad Rodrigo
Parador de Gredos
Built in 1928 by the government as the first Parador. It has views of the mountains and river valley.
Parador de Gredos - Leon region -Spain
Parador de Leon
Luxury five star hotel using a monastery which was originally founded in the twelfth century to provide 'lodging for the poor of Christ' making their pilgrimage to Santiago.
Parador de Leon - Deluxe Parador - Leon region
Parador de Lerma
This Parador was built in successive phases between 1601 and 1617, on the site of a 15th century castle, according to the plans of architect Francisco de Mora.
Parador de Lerma - Leon - Accommodation
Parador de Puebla de Sanabria
A government owned three star hotel of recent construction to encourage tourism to one of the most beautiful areas of the region.
Parador de Puebla de Sanabria - Leon - Spain
Puebla de Sanabria
Parador de Salamanca
This Parador is located on the left bank of the river Tormes, on a hill opposite the centre of the old town of Salamanca.
Parador de Salamanca - Castilla - Leon
Parador de Segovia
Luxury four star hotel with panoramic views over Segovia. This Parador is about three kilometers from the centre of Segovia which has been declared a World Heritage Site.
Parador de Segovia - Leon - Castilla
Parador de Soria
Modern four star hotel in the Parador group with panoramic views over the town and valley.
Parador de Soria - Castilla - Leon
Parador de Tordesillas
A typical manor house of Castile converted four star hotel. This ancestral home is located in the historical Castilian town of Tordesillas.
Parador de Tordesillas - Leon - Castilla
Parador de Zamora
A four star luxury hotel in a fifteenth century Renaissance Palace. In 1459 the Count of Alba and Aliste built his palace here on the ruins of an Arab "alcazaba" (fortress). 
Parador de Zamora - Leon